Edge-Lit technology is commonly used as a backlight in LED televisions, tablets and mobile phones. We have worked closely with the leading manufacturer of LED backlights to provide what we believe is optimal light for the squash court. Edge-Lit technology eliminates glare and enhances light uniformity throughout the court. This is critical for a fast-moving sport like squash where the ball travels at various heights including well above eye level close to the light source. We recommend a Kelvin rating of 5000k to provide a ‘daylight’ feel but without the glare.

Edge-Lit technology

Our innovation in squash court lighting is transforming the enjoyment of squash at clubs across Europe and North America and is now taking the all-glass court experience to new levels on the PSA Tour.

Product Specifications:

Non-glare lighting with edge-lit technology
Up to 75% Energy Savings over conventional fluorescent court lighting
Certified Non-flicker (California Title 20 Certified)
DLC Certification for State Energy Rebates
Strengthened Polycarbonate Lens for ball impact protection
Fixtures are only 2.24 inches in height, ideal for installations with height restrictions
Our Squash lighting products can be installed in drywall, drop ceilings and pendant hung


Our Sirius LED non-glare products offer an indirect light, and the 79 watt fixtures are installed in a continuous line along both sides of the court. This creates wonderful even visibility across the playing surface, the right sense of brightness and sufficient contrast between the ball and the background. The Sirius product is Bluetooth controlled via a smartphone or Tablet.

Glass Court (Permanent)