The challenge for lighting outdoor tennis courts is not just providing even low-glare lighting to optimise the playing experience, but to keep the lighting on the court so that it is not an irritant to neighbours or a danger to adjacent roads or other infrastructure. Our LEDs provide an energy-efficient solution, with virtually zero light pollution.

Asymmetric Lens Technology

The ProSportLED outdoor tennis products are available from 200w for local tennis facilities to 1,000w for pro-level stadium courts. All offer virtually zero light pollution with even perfectly controlled light to ensure the best playing conditions, the best spectator experience and minimal distraction for neighbouring homes, businesses or infrastructure.

Product Specifications:

150 LM/W luminous efficiency
High-power LED light with middle power chip and reflector technology
Great light distribution and thermal design with good natural convection
Dimming control using wireless communication (ZigBee)
Lower installation costs by replacing existing lamps
Compatible with the GeSS System for scheduling of sunrise/sunset and on/off times