The MAHA 'Pro Tour' squash light is adaptable to outdoor and indoor venues. It's the preferred lighting choice for the 2021 World Championship, Tournament of Champions, and Netsuite Open.

Product Specifications:

Asymmetrical Technology Non-glare indirect lighting
Premium LED chip by Samsung, 150 lumens per watt
90+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) Option for broadcasting
10 Year Warranty
Structural Rigidity Strengthened casing and lens to withstand ball impact, with various mounting options
WiFi control for zoning and dimming of light fixtures (IPC)
ProSportLED is working with Squash Plus to pioneer outdoor squash courts. The idea is to raise the visibility of the sport by bringing courts out of unloved basements and into plain sight which will increase the health benefits post-Covid when there is such a premium on outdoor sport and it will introduce squash to a new audience of young people.
There are a number of technical challenges in developing a new court that has the right playing characteristics, can withstand the elements, be sufficiently vandal and abuse-proof, and be cost-effective. Lighting is of course one of those challenges and ProSportLED is bringing to bear its technical know-how to light these courts perfectly. Watch this space...