Racket Sport Fundamentals

Technology works best when it’s meeting a well defined need. Racket sports facilities serve three users each with their own demands:


No matter their ability, the player needs to see clearly the ball, the opponent, the court and its markings, all with a uniform light. Bad lighting causes distractions which include glare from within the court or from a neighbouring court, flicker, inconsistent light colour, shadows, reflections. These result in eye fatigue, poor depth perception, spatial disorientation, difficulty in seeing the court markings. There might also be light pollution to neighbouring courts, homes or amenities.


Want to be comfortable, feel a sense of atmosphere and excitement and to be able to see the players, balls and court markings with ease.


Needs to be able to install lights with ease and minimal disruption.

Minimise / eliminate light pollution.

Product durability.

Low running cost.

Valued by members.

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